Rob Dieterich
Unseen Music

A strange, garbled assemblage of unidentifiable electronic sounds sprawls out over three moving, electronically amplified vehicles – a white four-door sedan with California plates, a red four-door pickup truck with Ohio plates and a grey four-door sedan with Washington plates – zipping along at high speed.

The figures make no sense, but they certainly add up to something discernible. The three tracks are driven by different, equally incomprehensible figures. The first track, “Rendezvous With The Dead Horse”, is a blur of machine and human speech; the final seconds of the other two tracks are filled with buzzing, buzzing, pitch-shifted traffic noises. This dense, gossamer-thin soundwork captures the dizzying, thermal luminosity of the ancient heathen cults of the dead horse found in the arid wastes of northern Italy.

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(Music courtesy of Clean Adjacent)