The Kids Roar Rare

Hofington’s latest release is his most ambitious album to date. It includes two versions of two songs from his 2001 debut, a pair of extended instrumental cuts that are some of his most melodic and melodic work yet. The first version is a 15 minute skit that adds a layer of sound design to a song that has drifted into a la-la land. The second version (a 17 minute song) is a lament of sorts that sounds like a fitting title for an album of this scope.

The differences between the two versions are marginal, but they are significant: the instrumental cuts focus more on the song structure and be a little more independent of each other. Both also contain some surprisingly interesting moments: the 20 minute instrumental version opens with a deep, melodic, almost drone-infused guitar riff that builds and builds in intensity until it reaches a point where it sounds like a Space Jam outtake. The closer feels more like an instrumental cut, with a wailing keyboard line that moves in and out of focus, and a wailing chorus that makes the song seem like a cry for help.

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