Frank Krlic
Mornings In The Middle Of The Night

With the release of Frank Krlic’s "Mornings In The Middle Of The Night", we finally get a glimpse of his true self. Krlic’s music is bleak and uncompromising, heavily reliant on the use of dark, heavily menacing textures. Many of the tracks here still feel like “ontologies” – or perhaps closer to the line between “reverb” and “binaural surf music” – but there’s a pronounced sense of world-weary dread pervading the album. The tracks are as much dark ambient as they are dark, over-long rock songs.

Krlic is a virtuoso at deconstructing rock and pop structures, emphasizing the difference between past and present. His music has a heavy sense of place, and his use of distortion – from the use of static and reverb to the use of his own percussion – is direct to the spirit. At the very least, it makes it a more engaging listen than a lot of other kinds of ambient music that sounds like it comes from a drummer’s studio.

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(Music courtesy of Marcel Zaes)