About Issue 5

Most of Issue 5 was constructed from open-source code. The reviews in Issue 5 were generated by Woody Sullender using the GPT-2 language model, with code for fine tuning the model originally written by Max Woolf.

The text data sets were compiled from a range of sources including Wire Magazine, Pitchfork, Vital Weekly, etc.. As GPT-2 was trained on a larger set of Internet text, our model was intentionally 'under-trained' to allow for more imaginative reviews.

The cover images were created using GANs ("generative adversarial networks") made available via the Artbreeder website. In accordance with the Artbreeder Terms of Service, all cover images are under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

EAR WAVE EVENT is a web publication founded and edited by Bill Dietz and Woody Sullender.