The Final Cut

“Process” is a simple 3D sound maze that makes use of a combination of 3D hardware, software and live performance. With its swarming, chirping creatures and metallic thuds, it sounds like a cross between a distorted, futuristic version of one of the more patient strains of industrial and drone music.

The piece was recorded in two different places: in a studio in Berlin and in a dining hall in Brooklyn. The first place, where the sound was generated, is most likely the former – a cavernous space that could one day house a large piece of machinery. The walls of this space seem to be decorated with artwork of a series of USB sticks, a collection of random plastic objects that shuffle around like scrolling images.

The other place where the piece was recorded is a dining hall in Brooklyn, and the sound was added to a menu of various menu items. It is named after a menu item called "Cold Process", but like the other menu items it serves up, the menu seems to suggest that the food could be as cold as space itself, or at least as hot as the actors who are actually serving it.

That said, the piece is not as simple as that; it leans heavily on the subtleties of the Italian theme that have a tendency, as the music progresses, to morph into something else entirely. The effect is as though the score were being played in slow motion, with subtle organs slowly piecing up the layers of a long star-shaped piece that seems, at first, to be made of ice. But as the score develops, the layers thaw and the underlying structure slowly shifts into new places.

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(Music courtesy of Adam Cooper-Terán)