Jody Heumann
Wolfe Tone

"Wolfe Tone" is a solo electronics project by South African percussionist and composer Jody Heumann. "Wolfe Tone" is not an easy listen. Its 13 tracks are divided into three distinct periods, each lasting about thirty-five seconds. Each of these periods is characterized by a small, deliberate pulse of hand-picked percussion that is near-perfect. These rhythms are disorienting in their disjointedness, as if their creators were trying to keep the listener from recognising where they originated. Other than the percussion, which is often a low hum, "Wolfe Tone" seems to be a metaphor for the way in which some music can be twisted and distorted. Heumann generally identifies as a composer rather than a drummer, which may explain the diverse flavour of her work.

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(Music courtesy of Woody Sullender)