Giant Swan
The Four Fittest

Released some months after the death of their friend and collaborator Ian Hodgson, this debut Giant Swan album collects their best work to date. They've combined their keen craftiness for songs with folk wisdom and surprising dissonance for an album that's simultaneously cerebral and energetic. Opener "The Four Fittest" features the rousing brass theme backed by trombonist Richard Kurkjian's majestic slide guitar and John Butcher's organ, turning it into a re-enactment of the opera La Pucelle Suivière.

As The Giant Swan lead the listener through various emotional and spatial orientations, their music is both gentle and robust, with a depth of experience that suggests a long-term trend in the development of electronic music. After this, the mood changes, though, as the tremolo guitar and David Tom's tenor piano establish a confident footing for a vocal from prodigy Hannah Marshall. The album closes with the stirring title track, which represents the exhibition's most adventurous foray into the vocal department so far.

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