Sergio Astaburuaga
Del Esbozo

“What is perpetual has no concept of duration...”, Sergio Astaburuaga entreats in his Tafari-flavoured meditation on perpetual motion. The question is asked often enough: what is the duration of what you are hearing?

This straightforwardly asks the wrong thing. You feel the record’s attention is drawn to the microcosm of what happens when you play it too long. Interspersed among the instrumentation are tiny, flickering tinnitus voices, often acting like jangling bells. They create a sense of temporal distance and disorientation, not just the numinous, dizzying, excruciating slow of astral bells, but the subtle variations of pitch and harmonic texture which act as balance, and allow the meditative tone to waver.

When Astaburuaga plays a long note, like a baritone, the tone quivers and falls away, but when he plays a short note, like a bass, the bass drops out like a feather. The record demonstrates not only the virtuosity of the player’s instrumentation but also the vast depth of your imagination, leaving little to the stun and awe of the final result.

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(Music courtesy of Warren Enström)