Antonio Teo
The Other Side

Antonio Teo’s "The Other Side" is a remarkable record. While it’s ostensibly the work of a man who has used technology to create a live-music environment that’s both intimate and evocative of his aesthetic, Teo has said that it’s more than just a project. It’s an artistic statement, a book, a proclamation of love, and a catalog of sounds, much of it made with a few hours of his laptop.

"The Other Side" is produced by the incredible Shane Hymas, who also collaborates with Teo—along with the amazing Jennifer Kemp. The duo has previously collaborated on the "Mind Alive" magazine, and Teo has said that the combination of their two voices is like “a high-pitched scream with a lot of energy.”

On “The Other Side (Come Together With The One More Part)”, Hymas’s synthesizers and Teo’s piano create a pulsating, whirring stew of sounds that’re both loud and soft. When Teo’s voice begins to grow, they’re able to figure out what it is.

The album’s title comes from a line from the novel "The Glass House" by Silvio Berlusconi, and it fits perfectly in Teo’s conceptual catalog, which is full of such evocative names.

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