Project Black Sun
Destined to Destroy The World

The second release from this Melbourne trio is their best effort. The title "Destined to Destroy The World" refers to a terrible fate, and it's the soundtrack to a video game in which players are needed to destroy a series of different worlds. The game is a science fiction scenario where players build a civilisation out of the rubble and debris of other worlds, and the music is made from the audio files generated by the player.

The three tracks on the debut CD-R are an amalgam of ambient, dance music, and electronic music – each contributing to a different layer of the economy of destruction. The first track “All You Need Is Kill” is made from a series of clicks and whirs. “Project Black Sun’s Theme” is essentially a repeated micro-click with a mixture of soft pads and soft knocks that give the piece a softness and realism that makes it sound more like a dream than anything else. “Blues” is the second track on the CD-R, and it’s an electric guitar song that sounds almost like a synthesizer drone, or the sound of a running water pump.

I’m not sure if Destined to Destroy The World is going to be a very big deal, but it’s nice to know that there is still a lot of interesting stuff going on.

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