Santiago Severino
Searching For The Origins Of The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

A 12" by Santiago Severino, is the first release from this New York collective. The term 'psychedelic' is often used to describe the art of music making, and for good reason. But Severino’s project is a fascinating exploration of frequencies and tones that are both personal and celebratory. It begins with a few short bursts of crowsong and chirping birdsong, slowly building into a full blown symphony that is almost too full of life to be contained within its own box of noises.

“I call it ‘McEwen’” and “Buran” are short pieces that exist within an ambient space, and possess the same affect, at least in part, as the film The Matrix. “Arve,” a 21 minute piece, is a low end drone that drifts through a seemingly vast open field. “Opium” is a drone that resembles a shadowy tunnel vision, with a few seconds of subdued ambient sound passing through it like an eerie fog. “Dark Vigil” is a slow, breathy drone, like a darkened orchestra. The title track, “The Theme”, is a similar drone, but this time with a coruscating, distorted and extreme pitch-bending sound that is quite unlike anything you’ll hear in the movie or on a psychedelic journey.

One can only guess at the kind of music Severino has in mind here, but thankfully it’s one you’re lucky to hear. "Searching For The Origins Of The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster" draws on the work of Severino’s brother, Kunichi, an experimental composer who has also released a number of solo work. Kunichi’s work is often described as “new age music”, and I’m not sure if that description is a fair one.

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