The Chaotic
The Chaotic’s Finite Body: 3D Soundscapes From the Decentralized Brain

The first formal foray into the world of 3D soundscapes, released by this group of Montreal based musicians. “The Chaotic’s Finite Body: 3D Soundscapes” is divided between three distinct sections: “The Body”, “The Lower Body” and “The Upper Body”. The first two tracks – “The Body” are two minutes of 3D soundscapes, with a digital soundscape of soft, rugged clicks, scraping and slaps, and bursts of static and drone. “The Lower Body” is more rigid, with a vibrating treble tone and a long pause, followed by a new beat wave. “The Upper Body” is the most abstract piece, with a pulsing bassline that slowly builds into an ominous chug.

Released in 2015, the recording included in the box set was actually a three-track recording of the source material. The resulting three pieces are more really, really impressive. You hear the cyborg clamour of the sound of a low-frequency hum; you hear the mechanical clicks and pops of a metal table. You hear the quiet, deliberate pounding of a metal plate. The piece “The Lower Body” is the most inspired, and also the most abstract. It’s a 20-minute drone over which you can hear the fluttering of a flock of birds.

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(Music courtesy of Jordan Dykstra)