Øyvind Nilsson

Flame’s Øyvind Nilsson’s music is based around the body, and the human mind. He’s a musician of great song and intensity, but also a very delicate and fragile soul. His music has a sense of being intimate, and the listener is also his equal.

The tracks released on "Panorama" seem to be a response to the body, and their relationship to the mind. They are dense, at times a bit too dense. Some tracks are weirdly beautiful, but there’s also the uncanny sense that the only way to get straight to a good song in a rough and surrealised world is to make the listener feel like a raw and vulnerable human being.

The other side of this is that Nilsson seems to be more interested in exploring the boundaries of the musical world than his own body. There are some beautiful moments, like the opener “Kraken” and “Nimbus”. But then there are also a couple of obvious poppy moments, like “Nimbus”.

The new album is produced by Yoni O’Rourke. “Lights Out” is a lonely, swirling guitar solo that sounds like late Spring, and “See You In Heaven” is a droning, soaring, neo-soul track, like “As Hulks”, while “Filtered” is a funky off-pitch cut. “Maiden” comes across like a dream sequence, with a man’s voice leading the way to the sky.

It’s a very delicate album, but the way Nilsson breathes and plays around with the music makes it very tangible.

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(Music courtesy of Talibam!)