Luke Gillan's Bizarre Trio
Bizarre Trio Join the Peopling Songbook

"Bizarre Trio Join the Peopling Songbook" is a project of the animated television series "The Cleveland Show", exploring the shared ancestry of mermaids and human/animal spirits. The project's lead character Luke Gillan is a sentient metronome, capable of stringing together seemingly unrelated snippets of unidirectional audio, and presenting them in song form. The first side of the 12 track EP is an extended intermission, taking a trio of mermaids from the English Channel into the Ohio River Valley. The second side introduces the heavily mutated African ridden bop of "Red River Saints". Behind him, Gillan sings in an unnerving natural quaver, as his instruments sing in unison. The Bizarre Trio then travel on to the nearby town of Henderson, New Mexico, and the third side takes them all the way to the Rio Grande.

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