Paul Riba
Plain Truth Sensation

In his talk at Milan's ICA last year, New York's Paul Riba described his solo work as "ambient electronics", although one assumes he's more active with the music in his immediate surroundings. For his first release, the solo project he started in 2014, Riba makes use of two square-inch magnetic cards, affixed to a slip of white vinyl. Thrust into the field by the unpredictable magnetic pull of the cards, the music develops in a rather different way than one might expect. By fusing the unpredictable elements of the music with a harmonious thread, Riba creates an environment that is both sonically and temporally controlled, similar to that of Jon Collin's Electroacoustic Janitorial Complex. This record preferably features several participants, including Collin, Michael Ainsley, Jon Mueller, and Mary Halvorson.

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