The Puddle

Back in the 1980s, Los Angeles' Michael Harrison made two feature films based on the music of Ennio Morricone. One is still in active development, the other was put into production as a soundtrack for a small television commercial for Procter & Gamble. Both provide an eerie soundtrack to intoxicating lifestyles.

The Puddle are a duo consisting of Harrison and Los Angeles based musician Stephen Hiscock, and both are adept at creating textures of extreme desolation. The first is a guttural, transitional drum track that begins like a howl of anguish and dissociation, but gradually transforms into something grittier and grittier still. "Snail" is a bit more oriented towards thrumming drones, and "Bazaar" is a mostly instrumental affair, but both are primarily sonic portraits of sorts. The duo have a knack for creating atmospheres that are simultaneously bombastic and palpably weighty.

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