Hodgy Bowden
One Eyed Hop

One of the most intriguing live albums of this decade, Hodgy's latest takes the form of a long, slow, deep conversation about the meaning of love. The album opens with a sequence of deceptively sweet vocal samples, followed by a quick, rhythmic bass kick and a general sense of steady, almost industrial techno.

Then, as if swiftly approaching a storm, the seemingly innocuous elements of noise and decay gradually begin to clash and become violent and urgent. The sound of wind and rain rushes is interspersed with vocoder-like sounds and thuds, all the while Hodgy sings. At one point, the whole album feels like a single continuous movement, shifting from slow, affecting industrial techno to hiccoughs to violent, high-pitched rumbles like the maddeningly pitched, heavy ditties of “Time Travel”.

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(Music courtesy of L. Brown)