Willem Andriessen
The Awakening Dream

A reissue of the 1977 trance symphony from the Dutch composer and film director, who moved away from his classical background to produce three original pieces on his own. The original soundtrack, recorded at Abbey Tapes in London, was deleted from the internet when it was re-released in 2016, but here is a new version with the remastered version of Willem Andriessen's peaceful, spirited drone, recorded live in Berlin and mixed by Mauro D'Angelo and Wojciech Rusin in their studio. The original track listing is somewhat misleading, as there are four other pieces from the original soundtrack that are also included. The opening piece is a modified version of Woody Allen's "Midnight Rambler", with Willem Andriessen replacing And Woody building a melody on the piano with his fingers. The track develops slowly, as Andriessen's minimalist approach is disturbed by a glitchy glitchy piano that crawls along the wall until it hits a hard knock and a loud rumble ensues. The second track "Barchan" is a slow, aggressive groove with scratches and pops creating a gestural sound. The third track "Defeats" is a long, slowly paced piece with a series of forceful knocks on the piano creating a striking sense of structure.

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