Sarah Korwar
More Arriving Leaf

In the run-up to the 2017 Commonwealth Games in London, a band of writers, artists and activists – including New York based rabble-rouser extraordinaire Sarah Korwar – created a fake Twitter account, @SolypsisRoughly, and launched an account under the handle @SolypsisDurbar, using the handle Durbar in their promotional material. Using fake names and image macros, they claimed to be conducting research into the "acoustic morass" that is urban life, and "launch pad for an inquiry into the invisible country". Using hashtags such as "dalit", "palm" and "tan", they've created a powerful social commentary on urban alienation and the growing surveillance state.

The record, the first since moving to New York, is a response to the same. It's a reflection of the intense creative disconnection experienced by those already displaced by the city's construction, as well as by the sheer overwhelming volume of activity that it creates. As the rolling heft of the recording develops, the record reveals a deep depth of understanding, particularly in the moments where Korwar's electronic sounds merge with the oppressive ambience of the city.

In these moments, the record reveals itself as a powerful assemblage of information, both factual and fantastical. The penultimate track "Pollux" is the sound of someone leaving a crowded theatre, followed by the rumble of a train, a conversation that's long gone. In all, an engrossing synthesis.

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