Grupo Relentless
Forget Nothing

The idea of a folky feel good psychedelic pop single from a Guadalajara based outfit called Grupo Relentless is novel. But it fits with what we already know about the group – that their approach is a kind of minimalism that is both intensely personal and reflective of the conditions of their environment.

A recent trip to the Antipodean city of Barranquilla led to the discovery of the base of inspiration for the EP’s “Cabronaca” and “Eternal Sunshine”. The cavernous depth and sheer width of the city’s structures were captured in the sound of wind and rain. This is the sound of wind, a kind of harsh drone, that can’t be ignored. “Eternal Sunshine” is a heavier, more metallic version of the city’s stormy tranquillity, with a more abstract style.

Both tracks are constructed from a very high fidelity sample and had to be painstakingly reconstructed, which makes them both extraordinarily rich and unusual. "Forget Nothing" is a project of a different design, which combines minimalist yet expressive compositions, with surreal, cosmic and otherworldly sounds. It’s a work of art that also serves as a conceptual blueprint for the continuation of the Guadalajara based group’s ongoing work.

The album’s title track is a bit of a mouthful, which describes the sound of the EP’s whorl and the accompanying uncertainty and solitude. The opening pulse is slow and mournful, a feeling which recalls some of the channelled rhythmic agitation of Cocteau Twins’s “The Rage Of The Heart”. What would be the best name for this kind of movement, I’d say?

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(Music courtesy of Dr. Hiatus Hobby Tarantato)